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harris0n35 8th Aug 2011 10:14 PM

how to get nude bodies?
how do i get the nude bodies

CmarNYC 9th Aug 2011 1:11 PM

Nude bodies where? Nude in the tattoo and body hair screens is cmar_TattooNude.package in For nude in the game you'll need a mod that can do that, like MasterController.

GAminRoger 10th Aug 2011 5:52 PM

Originally Posted by CmarNYC
Nude bodies where? Nude in the tattoo and body hair screens is cmar_TattooNude.package in For nude in the game you'll need a mod that can do that, like MasterController.

Hi Cmar, I just wanted to let you know that the Cmar interferes with Twallan Master Controller, So i took out the core and know everything is working great.

CmarNYC 10th Aug 2011 8:03 PM

Originally Posted by GAminRoger
Hi Cmar, I just wanted to let you know that the Cmar interferes with Twallan Master Controller, So i took out the core and know everything is working great.

I'm not sure what you mean. MasterController itself is compatible with XCAS core. The MasterController Tattoo Extension is not compatible with XCAS core, just like it says in the overview.

twallan 12th Aug 2011 1:09 AM

The issue that GAmingRoger encountered is indeed due to having XCAS and ExpandedTattoo installed at the same time.

Odd though, that they noted this in Post #224 , after they reported the error at my site, and I told them to remove ExpandedTattoo.

They later posted the exact *same* error again over at my site, so they must have reinstalled ExpandedTattoo for some reason.

I'm not really sure what they are doing.

tomand 12th Aug 2011 8:39 AM

I cannot seem to get the nude bodies out of the plan outfit menu and into the real portion of the game. I am using the 1.24 basic bundle and have no other mods active. Any advice?

CmarNYC 12th Aug 2011 12:48 PM

Originally Posted by tomand
I cannot seem to get the nude bodies out of the plan outfit menu and into the real portion of the game. I am using the 1.24 basic bundle and have no other mods active. Any advice?

Do you mean that it isn't saving the changes to the nude outfit? Are you using plan outfit in the Dresser or the Stylist? Changes will only save in the Dresser.

tomand 13th Aug 2011 2:58 AM

Originally Posted by CmarNYC
Do you mean that it isn't saving the changes to the nude outfit? Are you using plan outfit in the Dresser or the Stylist? Changes will only save in the Dresser.

I go to the dresser, plan a nude outfit, and it will never show up in change outfit. I can still see the 3 identical nude outfits I created in plan outfit whenever I return there, but I cannot seem to ever make that translate to something to come up in change outfit.

CmarNYC 13th Aug 2011 4:33 PM

If you're using the EA Change Outfit, it doesn't have the option of the nude outfit. You'll have to use MasterController's change outfit function or a nudist mod. XCAS only lets you edit the nude outfit; it doesn't affect how it's used in the game.

tomand 14th Aug 2011 4:09 AM

So with the master controller, the easiest way is: NRaas-->MasterController-->sim-->basic-->outfit--> [Sim's name]-->naked 1? That is a long process for after every time a sim showers, sleeps, or does anything that would automatically change the outfit.

Setting "Disable Clothing Filter" to true did not do anything that I could notice.

At some point I was able to save a custom nude bottom as something selectable under the custom content only button for formal/everyday/sleep. When I tried to do the same with the top, it would redirect me to bottom. Any advice on how to prevent the redirect, allowing me to save a custom nude top as I did with the bottom?

CmarNYC 14th Aug 2011 3:25 PM

If you want sims routinely walking around nude, you can try the revised version of True Nudists in reply #66 here on Sexy Sims: which makes the nude top and bottom selectable under all clothing categories. It's an old mod but should still work.

silene-ashikawa 15th Aug 2011 5:37 AM

I have installed files from (in MyDocuments/EA(...)/Sims(...)/Mods):

and extras:

The main think - new tattoo location isn't working at all - nothing in game change in tattoo area, I don't see new locations or buttons, the same if we talk about tattoos for teens, nothing.
Thinks that work: naked sims in tattoo section, adding skins and sliders, so just extras work :/
Any idea why tattoo locations won't work?

I also tried to remove those and exchange them to
but it didn't help either.

Other modes I have:
Bed sharing with aquatance
Better gardening
More money for CAS Families 30k
No mosaic
Homework is for fun people
Few Jonha-Sliders (without mod to increase the number of sliders limit since your work in this area)
BUT I already tried to remove them and start game with just this mod in it and still nothing :/

My game is updated - 1.24

CmarNYC 15th Aug 2011 2:43 PM

A couple of things first: You shouldn't have both cmar_SkinTonePanel and cmar_SkinTonePanel_BodySliders installed. They change the same file. If you want the body sliders increased in range, use cmar_SkinTonePanel_BodySliders, if not use cmar_SkinTonePanel.

The usual location for mods is MyDocuments/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages, not MyDocuments/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods. If you're using a standard Resource.cfg, the game may not see packages installed in the Mods folder.

Are you getting a popup when the game starts that lists cmar_XCAS_core and asks if you want to continue with it installed? If not, your mods setup is incorrect and your game isn't seeing it, although since the skintone panel and the nude tattoo work this probably isn't the case. If you do see it, are there other mods that are listed also? What are they?

I can't find TwinsTripsChance or Bed sharing to see if they're core mods that conflict with XCAS. Are they parts or addons for MasterController? Can you post the exact package name and where you got them? Out of the list you gave, those are the most likely to involve script or core modding that might cause a conflict.

silene-ashikawa 15th Aug 2011 8:05 PM

I am using Resource.cfg but non of my modes are in Packages folder since I checked and they are working when I put them in any folder in mods folder. I though it would be easier to find them if I must change them (for example I have folder for slider and for skins and they are working). Also I was sure I tried to move them to Packages folder, but I did it again now and it worked. (kinda weird why some mods have to be in Package folder and other work in different folder)
Thank you very much for respond!

And you are right, I must check or type something wrong, cos now I check it now again and I have just cmar_SkinTonePanel.

CmarNYC 16th Aug 2011 2:26 AM

It depends on the Resource.cfg too - the standard ones specify the Packages folder. I guess it's possible scripting type mods have to be in Packages but others don't??? I never tried it. Also you should be able to put more folders inside Packages to organize your mods.

So it's working now?

moogloo88 16th Aug 2011 6:52 AM

PLEASE READ: ok so i installed this as a core mod, and used it, as in put tattoos on my sims on custom locations and all that. I have twallan's master controller and i want to also get AwesomeMod. Since AM is core, if I use this as an extension to the master controller will it work? like will my sims still have their tattoos in the custom locations and all that?? thanks in advance!

CmarNYC 16th Aug 2011 1:36 PM

If you want AwesomeMod, you have to remove XCAS_core and any XCAS_tuning packages you have installed. Then you should be able to use Awesome with MasterController and the MC Expanded Tattoo without conflicts. As long as you leave the Tattoo Locations package in place your sims should keep their tattoos.

Jasumi 18th Aug 2011 4:09 PM

Will this allow me to disable the clothing filter without any issues?

CmarNYC 18th Aug 2011 9:40 PM

Depends on what you're using to disable the clothing filter. If it's MasterController, there should be no problem. If it's a core mod, XCAS will conflict with it.

PaigeyCakes 21st Aug 2011 12:52 PM

Originally Posted by CmarNYC
Dawn1 has answered you above, and there's also aWT's slider hacks. I think he's still on patch 1.22 but I expect he'll update.

thanks for helping a hopeless noob I found aWT's hack evetually x

Siyuki123 23rd Aug 2011 1:07 AM

Originally Posted by mooglefly
Hi, I installed the mod and it doesn't seem to work. For instance, whenever I click one on 'lower lower back' or 'back of shoulder', the tattoo remains in the upper back area. Also, if I place a tattoo on 'lower lower back', it replaces the tattoo on the upper back area. In short, the tattoos are still slotted to be placed in the original EA positions. I hope you can help with this issue. Thanks in advanced!

Yeah, for some reason I have this problem too. I've only tried it with teen so far but the lower belly/hip and chest ones are still slotted to the original positions. Why is this???

CmarNYC 23rd Aug 2011 2:44 PM

Something's not installed correctly or there's a conflict. Did you install the TattooLocations package? If not, all the locations will default to the EA ones as you describe. Are you getting the 'Mod Scripts Found' popup when you start the game and is cmar_XCAS_core.package listed? (If not, maybe you're still using the old Program Files mods location and core mods aren't loading.) Are you using another core mod like AwesomeMod or EGC? Do you have both XCAS_core and MasterController ExpandedTattoo installed? (They conflict as well.)

Rangervegas 26th Aug 2011 1:39 AM

A strange dilema....
Hi Cmar you make awesome stuff and I think you may be the person to ask about this, as I believe it's either this mod or your Skininator mod I may be able to use for what i'm trying to do.

Please bear with me as I am not exceptionally familiar with skinning but I do know a few things, probably just enough to properly fubar my game and need to reinstall it. LOL

I am using the Kibbles & Bits clothing layers from Sexy Sims 2 on my female toons in the game. I LOVE these replacements as there are several different nipple sizes and pubic options and they are RECOLORABLE! It's so nice to be able to make all the female toons in my game that I play so unique in this way. However now I have run into a problem taking this to the next step.

Since these are clothing layers, if I get my sim into a nude situation <I.E. Skinny dipping or in shower or tub> and edit in CAS I can set these layers to be used as the default nude outfit and the game keeps it and later I can go back and edit colors top and bottom if I wish. However as this is a "trick" to getting the game to use it as the nude outfit, and as the game sees it as a clothing layer, it will not show up with any sheer outfits selected in other clothing categories.

So what I am wondering is this. With this mod, being able to edit the naked outfit in dresser would the game see it as the actual base skin to use or is it still going to see it as a clothing layer and not be showing up under other clothing outfits? And then also if this is the case.....

Is there a way to use Skininator to extract the nude outfit of one particular sim from savegame or one of the caches associated with that game, and then be able to set that as the non-default replacement skin so that I can keep my coloring choices and have it show up correctly under sheer outfits?

I hope I am wording this all correctly as I said I don't have very much exp with skinning but I have used GIMP in the past to move some nipple textures on a skin I liked so they lined up with someone elses nipple mesh correctly and then recompile everything into a package and have it work in the game. But this was about a year ago and i've forgotten so much of what I learned how to do then.

Thank you for any ideas you can give me in this area.

CmarNYC 26th Aug 2011 2:00 PM


First, some basics on how the bodies/clothing/skins work. In any outfit, it starts with the mesh. This is the shape of the body, including clothes, if any. (There's no separate nude body underneath all the outfits.) Then the skin texture is painted on the mesh. Then the clothing texture, with colors, patterns, etc. is painted on top of the skin, allowing skin to show through in transparent areas. Accessories may be painted between the skin and the clothing textures, depending on the type of accessory.

The default nude outfit is simply an outfit, like any other, which happens to look like a nude body with a completely transparent clothing texture. In the case of the Kibbles & Bits outfits, like regular clothing they have a texture for the nipples and pubes which is painted over the skin texture. Editing the nude outfit does not change the base skin texture.

It sounds like you're using the Kibbles & Bits nude clothing, rather than the accessories. As you saw, this results in the bits only being worn while wearing the nude outfit. In order to get the bits under sheer clothing, you'll need to use the accessories version of the bits and modify each outfit.

Whether you use MasterController or XCAS to edit the nude outfit in CAS makes no difference - they both do the same thing.

Since skins are completely separate from the clothing and accessories textures, including the Kibbles & Bits clothing/accessories, you can't extract the nude outfit as a skin.

Hope all this helps!

TheBadDoctor 27th Aug 2011 6:59 PM

There's a problem with the fat/muscle slider extender. Your sims can't actually enter the range that is extended (ie - continuing to excercise won't make you as muscular as in Create-a-Sim). Can you please remedy this?

Great mod, by the way.

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