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I have a bit of a problem, and maybe it's just a lack of understanding in Romance aspiration activities. I have no problem getting people to get flying hearts and multiple bolts with Felix (yes, I made a gigolo rather than a mistress). But I never see an option to Woo Hoo. I can't have Felix get into the closet, and even if I get him and his client cuddling in bed there's no option other than cuddling.

Do they have to have a high long-term relationship score as well as a high short-term one in order to Woo Hoo? That's no fun. :P
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Yeah, without hacks/mods you have to be Best Friends before you can get to the higher level erotic interactions.

If you have FreeTime, you can accelerate the process by using the Romance benefits, specifically Massive Attraction and Smooth Talk to build the relationship and Slow Energy/Hygiene Decay to make the dates longer; also, if you go on one Dream Date and end it, the motive boost should, with these benefits in place, make an immediate second date with the same sim possible, so you can seal the deal in a single night. The third benefit, which causes more frequent walk-bys of your favored gender (they've heard of you and gotten curious, and are idling by specifically in order to check you out) would also be massively useful for this challenge.

But if it's too easy, it's not a challenge, now is it?

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Nope, you're right, I was just trying to figure out if it was working properly.

It turns out -- I have some... custom content... that lets them woo-hoo casually. If ya know what I mean. So Felix went down to the club, which happens to have private rooms, and got it on with three different people and made three thousand simoleons in one night. He slept with a bartender from the club, a townie who he really schmoozed with beforehand, and a girl who walked into the club. That last, they did it before he even greeted her. They did that afterwards. It was pretty funny.

So maybe I'll forget the challenge and just play him as a rentboy...
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Aah, Felix had his first conflict!

Yesterday Felix wooed Joshua into the ground and Josh went away with a crazy crush.

Today Felix went to the same club, asked some yokel named Shannon on a date so that they could sit at the same dinner table, and... Josh happened to be in the room. Cue the angry storming over and slapping Felix's face around. XD In Felix's relationship bar, Josh suddenly has a far lower short-term relationship score (I think he went from 90-something to 20!) and has the red overlay that indicates 'Furious'.

The date with Shannon was ruined but Felix, undeterred, went upstairs and had Woo Hoo with Marcel the bartender...
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Hey guys!

I'm sorry I haven't been so active with this thead, I didn't think this idea would be so popular! I love love LOVE the stories and the pictures that all of you guys included, and I'm glad that some of you guys considered to use this idea as just a normal way to play. Hehe. =]

As far as Crystal is concerned, she passed away at old age, and her family has dwindled down. Also, I installed the Sims 2 on my laptop so I'm starting fresh again!

I hope to hear more stories guys!

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5th Aug 2011 at 10:45 AM
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I think I might have to give this a try.
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Default Cool
Sounds like a neat challenge. I made Pandora and she is a high class Mistress. You can just tell from this picture.

She has two living areas on her lot. One is in the front with a luxurious bedroom and what I like to call the waiting room

In the back is where the children and nanny will live. The nanny will be paid off to keep her secret and direct all men knocking on the door to her waiting room.

She has two lovers and one she is working on.

The first two were men but I decided to not be picky and started a romance with a female. I don't think she is interested. They are at 100 short term and 88 long term and still my sim has no heart for her. However, she the townie was ready awhile ago and even complained of my sim inviting her over for the night and not letting her get any sleep which normally happens after woohoo. hehe.

Oh and I thought I would add a bit about her back story. She grew up with a middle class family. Had the mom and dad and a sister. She had a good childhood with nothing to complain about. She went off to university with a small scholarship but not enough to pay for the 6 years it took to get her Masters degree in psychology. So she found out an easy way to pay those bills and a good way to curb her appetite for that kind of fun. She loves to learn and decided that she would spend her nights doing high class Mistress work that takes much less time than the daily grind at a day job. She learnt quickly the ropes in uni to have rules and demand respect. She was quite good at it so she could pick and choose who she would take on once word got out. She had no paper trail and always did business at home not like some who lurk on corners. She was known to the police since some were her clients but she wasn't the big fish so she never had problems. Later on she decided she wanted children and didn't let the men know she was using them for that purpose and if they asked when they saw her preggers she would always say it was someone elses.
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This would be interesting with love crystal and waterbed....

I've got one or two things on MTS, but most of my stuff is on my main site here:
(Now recruiting budding creators.)
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Originally Posted by starla13
In the back is where the children and nanny will live. The nanny will be paid off to keep her secret and direct all men knocking on the door to her waiting room.

I think I'll do something similar, oh and I can make the door to the back room, a hidden bookcase door. Yay!

Alright I have worked out a back story for the character for my Mistress challenge, keep in mind that mine does not take place in today's era I was thinking more of a Victorian London kind of setting but I'm still not sure.
Margaret had always lived in the lap of luxury even as a child. Her mother had died when she was merely a babe and her father was a gentleman of class. a captain in the royal navy. Unfortunately when she was merely 15 her father was declared lost at sea and Margaret was left on her own. Things wouldn't have been so bad, but the combined swindling of her nurse maid and the banker that handled her fathers estate ran all the money dry in a matter of months. Margaret was thrown out of her own home and forced to live on the street. For weeks she wandered, looking for work but no one would take on a girl who had nothing of worth, or the ones that would made her shudder at their propositions. She met a young girl, not too many years older than herself that advised her to take to the streets, she would be able feed herself that way. The girl's name was Bridget, and she had been selling herself since she was 13, she took pity on Margaret and offered to teach her a few tricks to help her get by. But Margaret refused, her father had raised a young lady. But as Margaret begun to slowly starve she became less worried about what her father would think of her and more worried about which garbage cans held the less spoiled food. One day a man propositioned her, told her he would pay a fair price for her body. Margaret thought of the food that, that money would bring, she would be able to eat her fill of food for a few days. Terrified but starving just the same Margaret excepted the man's offer. Afterward Margaret cried for many hours and refused to look at the money the man left for her. Once she had cried all the tears she could muster, she picked herself back up and decided she would never again eat garbage from a bin to survive. So, she began her life as a prostitute, she was able to feed herself, and move out of the dark smelly corner of the ally and into a run down apartment. There wasn't too much difference between the ally and the apartment but at least she wouldn't freeze to death in the streets. After not to long she had a few regulars, one in particular was a strong young man named David. He seemed different than the other men that came to see Margaret, sometimes he only wished to talk to her or perhaps buy her dinner at a little diner. Of coarse there were times when he came for her body, but he didn't leave immediately afterwards like the others did. One day Margaret discovered that she was pregnant, she had suspected for a while, but now she was sure. She was also sure that the child was David's. She was terrified of him finding out, she had heard what some men did when they discovered such things and she couldn't let him harm her baby. So, she hid from him, avoided him and stopped working for the remainder of the pregnancy. She had some money hidden away so It wasn't too hard on her. When the baby was born, she was a healthy beautiful baby girl that Margaret named Anya. A few months after Anya's birth, Margaret went back to work. One day she was followed home and when she confronted her stalker she discovered it was David. He was angry that she had avoided him and demanded to know why. That was when Anya began to cry. David's attention was drawn to little crib, anyone who saw little Anya could see the resemblance between to two, even with Anya being so young, she had his eyes. Margaret was terrified for her daughter but David was surprisingly calmed by the little babe and even soothed Anya until she went back to sleep. Margaret was relieved but still, cautious, she knew David had a dark side. David turned around and told he loved her, that he wanted to marry her and take care of her make sure she never had to be in this line of work ever again, he would provide for her and their child. Although the picture he painted with his words were exactly what she wanted, she had seen David in his fits of anger and the thought of Anya growing up in an environment where that could happen terrified her, she refused, Margaret had to protect her child. Enraged by her refusal, David began to yell and pulled out a knife and when Margaret refused him again, he made it very clear that if he could not have her then no one ever would. The tragic struggle was heard by the neighbors who immediately summoned the police. When they arrived to take him away there was nothing that could be done for Anya, David had knocked her crib over and she had fell and hit her head. The police dragged David away and Margaret was left to pick up the pieces of her broken life. After accepting that her daughter was gone and crying was not going to bring her back, Margaret pulled herself together and packed her things. She had a large stash of money and she decided she would never again be forced to stand in an alley to await men that hadn't showered in days. She would move on with her life and cater to a much richer clientele. So she moved to a nice home, furnished it to her liking and began to get to work her way into the inner circle of high class that she had come from. She was welcomed with open arms she was after all, a woman of class. And so the Mistress challenge begins.....

Frankly my dear I'd rather be playing sims :P
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What a story kittcat! I am looking forward to hearing the rest. I like that you are trying this in a different era. After my post I scrounged around for a mod and found a good one. The No Jealousy Unless Married/Engaged/Going Steady mod that is here on mod the sims. It is perfect for this type of challenge since you then don't have to worry about them getting jealous which wouldn't make sense anyways right. So now I really can use the waiting room. Call all of them up at once, greet them, and one by one escort into the bedroom then say goodbye. Before they come over I will set a plate of cooked food out so that will occupy them for a bit.

If you really like the challenge of watching out for jealous lovers than this wouldn't be a good mod for you. The great thing though is that you can just delete it later from the download folder if you don't like it.
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Originally Posted by starla13
What a story kittcat! I am looking forward to hearing the rest. I like that you are trying this in a different era. After my post I scrounged around for a mod and found a good one. The No Jealousy Unless Married/Engaged/Going Steady mod that is here on mod the sims. It is perfect for this type of challenge since you then don't have to worry about them getting jealous which wouldn't make sense anyways right. So now I really can use the waiting room. Call all of them up at once, greet them, and one by one escort into the bedroom then say goodbye. Before they come over I will set a plate of cooked food out so that will occupy them for a bit.

If you really like the challenge of watching out for jealous lovers than this wouldn't be a good mod for you. The great thing though is that you can just delete it later from the download folder if you don't like it.

I'm glad you like it. I usually come up with some little story line for my sims but hardly ever write them down, they always sound great in my head and not so much once I have them on paper. I'm not sure why I chose a different era it just seemed that when I was thinking up her back story I kept imagining her in a Victorian environment so I worked it in. The ACR mod has a no jealousy function but I rarely ever use it, I kinda like juggling lovers and it adds a bit more drama when a sim accidentally walks in on another. Like when Mary-Sue Pleasant lost her job only to come home and find Daniel with the maid. It was a very ugly scene, lets just say Daniel had a little accident involving a cowplant.

Frankly my dear I'd rather be playing sims :P
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I am always amazed at how dark a view people seem to generally have when imagining how the life of a sex worker is. I'm glad at least one of the sim worker's background is relatively normal. I was curious to see how this challenge was set out, shame it isn't more realistic. As someone who has been an escort in real life for 10years in a decriminalised legislative environment, pregnancy and STI's aren't an ongoing issue - i have not had either within my career.
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I recently lost all of my neighborhoods so unfortunately I lost Margaret I think I may start over but I'm not sure, I really liked her.

@trollsb I don't necessarily think that people have a dark view of those who work as prostitutes and escorts, I think its more like they just don't understand why someone would have that kind of life so they paint them in a light that is negative or perceived as negative. My story for my sim is simply what came to mind it has nothing to do with my views of people in that industry. One of my aunts has been an escort for about 10 years as well. Its how she pays her bills and although I don't think I could ever make a living selling my body I don't think that all people who do are drug addicts, have a ton of kids and diseases. Now that being said I live in an area where you see women high on all kinds of stuff and selling themselves on the corner. I also know a woman who is a prostitute, drug addict, and had 6 kids all from different fathers. It all depends on the environment in which you are working in.

Frankly my dear I'd rather be playing sims :P
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This challenge has created a whole story for my characters. My call girl, Evangeline, has a sort-of live-in boyfriend. He started off as just a random hookup (that Evangeline got pregnant by), and his parents kicked him out, so he had nowhere to go. Evangeline begrudgingly offered him a place to stay at her house. She's a very lazy and demanding person (no wonder she's a call girl, huh?), and to sort of earn his keep she makes him do housework and watch the baby while she goes out to see clients. They awkwardly fell for each other, but neither one will admit it because they bicker a lot.

I didn't follow the rules of the challenge exactly (building up relationships and the like) since the mods I have installed don't require sims to be in love for woohooing to happen, so I just have Evangeline pick up people downtown and woohoo them. Her live-in boyfriend (named Trey) has mixed feelings about this.

At a later point in time I'll post pictures of the child and more pictures of Evangeline and Trey.

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You know, I think I'm going to combine this and the "100 Babies" challenge. And the "Mansion" challenge (an official one, this time). Of course those rules are based on intentional pregnancy and living large, but, I've always wanted to deal with a rather wanton Sim.
The Sim woman that I'm working with has a family aspiration but I'll change that soon.

Thanks for the new idea :D

ETA: Story Line (*Please keep in mind that this is a hybrid-challenge of sorts for me, so, the rules have been modified *slightly*)

Meet Cicadia Griffith.
If there is one think C.C. would want you to know about her that she did not grow up this way. She was not just another body on the street, looking to make a bed warm for someone else. She came from a very well to-do family, thank you very much.
Her family was made up of Jamaican refugees that had escaped from a horrid, devastating natural disaster into Crystal View, making a name for themselves by working hard to prove they deserved to be there, becoming some of the most popular, well known Sims in the various neighboorhoods of the Sims World.
But, not everything lasts. In a freakish accident when she was younger (involving, from what she can recall from her hazy memory, her father, an abduction, an older, strange-looking brother, maid, affair and her mother eventually killing everyone in the house but her), she lost all family she had ever had.
However, she wasn't poor. Oh, no, C.C., had a trust fund set up, and, so, she was able to put herself through school and become a successful chef.
That was, until she met Tae Jason.
T.J. hung the moon and the stars for her. He was her beginning and end, and, she hung her world around him. That was, until history repeated itself.
She walked in late after work to find T.J. with the maid from two doors down (you know, the dingo in the short dress, always prancing around your husband, just asking to get herself drowned?). Well, needless to say, she was furious. So furious that she, in a blind rage, beat him to death. Him and the maid.
But, she doesn't like to talk about that.
After that, and hiding the evidence so that there would be absolutely no proof she had anything to do with anything, she packed her bags up and bought herself a nice mansion in Pleasentville with the rest of her trust fund money - she used it all up purchasing and decorating the large house, not wanting anything to remind her of the life she used to have. That also included changing her life aspiration from "Family" to "Pleasure" - what good had loved ones ever done for her?
Of course, that thinking soon changed. After a while, in living in her large house, she hatched an idea. After her break-down (a.k.a. homicidal moment) she had lost her job, and, really had no means of supporting herself. Not wanting to do anything other than what she really wanted (to cook) and not willing to start all over or accept another job that threatened her rich-girl mentality of not wanting to really work for a single thing in life, she decided she would sell her body.
Well... She would become an escort to well deserving, under-appreciated businessmen (or women, occasionally) that just needed to unwind at moments. (Because she was not some easy hit from off of the street - she was a lady, daggoneit!) She had always been beautiful and complemented on her looks, why not?
Only, she decided she would not just be available to anyone. Only those that could pay (and those that could pay well). She had the determination and perseverance to stick to it and the articulation and social grace that she showed (that could only be bred through very well private schools and governess lessons in youth) soon had her accepted by everyone.
However, along the way, she determined her "issue". Not willing to give up her current career path, she reflected as little over her childhood as she could, though, in those small reflections, realized the root of everything (especially what she was doing and why she had been so head-over-heels in love and trusting of T.J. and every other male she had dated) - she had never had the acceptance of her father when she was younger.
Figuring that she was too far into her planning for her business, she decided that instead of quitting what she was doing and getting a respectable job and taking responsibility for her actions, she would instead avoid the true problem at hand (a.k.a. "Daddy Issues") and raise children, at least one hundred, to show them that they were worth something and did matter in the world, no matter what they chose to do with their lives.
She would show them the love she never got all while maintaining a job (that she found respectable enough) on the side.

And, thus the story begins.
Shortly after she moved in and began to get settled, neighbors came over to visit. Out of the ones she saw, there was Darren (unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures of her with Darren Dreamer, so, just imagine it). She dismissed everyone else and began to practice her skills on him, kissing him farewell by the end of their introduction at her house.
The next day, after handling all of her personal needs and going out to socialize (meeting Luke Garth along the way), she walked out to greet Joe Carr. Joe seemed to be a little shy to her advances and reluctant to accept her propositions, so, he was the perfect challenge.
He was a stubborn soul; denying her the chance to caress him and hug him multiple times before allowing her to ask him to stay the night. Even after that, he denied her proposal to move multiple times, but, she made it work.
She asked him to go swimming during the day, which is when he fell more and more in love with her. A part of her felt bad, stringing him along, but, she knew that it was what she had to do. It was only right.
After making him mac and cheese that night he agreed to stay, they finally went up to bed and kissed and cuddled before falling asleep. The next working, when she woke, she asked him to move in with her (thinking of the financial gains it could cause - there wasn't a rule against this was there?). He agreed and and brought 17,000 $ into the house. (Not that she was complaining, but, she was sure that Darren - had he agreed to come over when she called - or Luke - had he had a phone - could have brought in so much more. Though, beggars couldn't be choosers)
Soon, however, it was time for Joe to go to work, and, with some of the money she earned from him moving it, she called a maid, and, upon seeing that it was a man that answered the phone (not like it would have mattered to her anyway), she decided to dress in some apparel that was more... Comfy.

Who knows what'll happen next?
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*I have to cut my part in the challenge short. Unfortunately Cicadia went and got herself preggers with twins (so not my fault) and then quadruplets (because I accidentally forgot to turn the hack off - oops). The twins gave me enough hell, what with all of that yelling and her having to go to work and the nanny sucking, and, I don't have the heart to kill small children, so... I'll keep them.
But, not without a man around. Meaning, I've got to get married or something. (Maybe even steal Luke from his wife - there are children at stake. I am not above immoral acts to get them what they need). Looks like Ms. C.C. is going to turn a new leaf after all. Maybe become a chef, too.

Good luck to the rest of you, though! Hope you succeed in your... Slorring out Sims. :D

(But, here are some pictures! They are, in no particular order:

1. Cicadia and Luke getting caught by Celia - his wife. I meant to do it later on in the challenge as a twist to the story line, but, the fool decided to invite himself over and bring his wife - eh, it's her occupation, why not?
2. Her dancing with someone, I believe. Building clientele.
3. Her in her "lucky dress" (the white one) just chatting and, again, building clientele. She always got men staring at her and getting those little heart when she wore that dress.
4. Her and some guy in a kilt. He seemed innocent enough (heck - all guys in kilts that I've met seem innocent enough), so, I had her flirt with him a bit, get to know him. He was going to be her next big hit.
5. The terrible two's. On the left is Marquise and on the right is Oride (who's name was supposed to be Orion, but, I decided to just let my fingers do whatever they wanted).

Well... That's it. Have fun you guys, I'll be looking forward to reading s'more of your stories.
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Wow, I'm surprised to see how many people tried this challenge and were inspired to write such awesome stories. I'm sorry if this challenge may have offended a few people, and I just want to say that I know that some of the details of this challenge are unrealistic, but then again this is The Sims. For those what have participated, thank you guys so much for the positive feedback and I'll be working hard on another challenge.

I don't have Crystal's family anymore (she died of old age but she had one or two family members left), because my computer had to be taken into shop to be fixed and I lost everything.

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Default idea for more fun
instead of just woohooing for a more realistic game always choose try for baby unless its elder or another girl.
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#44 Old 1st Oct 2012 at 2:02 AM
Wow wow! this is a unqiue thing i never seen something like it! i shall enter!! :D
#45 Old 7th Oct 2012 at 12:42 AM
This has peaked my interest. Definitely giving this one a go!
As a previous poster stated, I too will be adding this to my regular gameplay, as it's much too interesting to just use it for a challenge. Thanks!

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i am SO doing this lol
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This sounds like an interesting piece of game play
10th Nov 2012 at 11:15 AM
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I know I may be a bit late, but here's my mistress, Carly Pritchard:
She currently has one client (a male) and is currently working on a second (a female CAS I made named Leslie Cooper).

Below, you can see her cuddling with her first client.

And here, she's having breakfast at her future second client's house.

She has WooHoo'd with Client #1 (forgot his name) once, and is currently saving her money to buy the "More Romantic Than You" Double Bed.

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#49 Old 14th Dec 2012 at 1:31 AM
No, no it's never too late! I just find it so funny how a post that I've made a year ago is still active. This must have been a good challenge idea. :3

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Default So excited!
This sounds really fun, I just went and downloaded some very prostitute-y clothing for my sims 2 game so I can start right away!
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