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Foster Care Challenge
Your Sim/couple, for some reason (make up a story why), is unable to have kids but loves the idea of a big family. So the only solution is…. Adoption!!

Your Sim/couple’s goal is to adopt and raise as many children as possible throughout their young adult-elder lifetime.

*NO CHEATING. At all, whether you type it in or use a mod (unless the mod doesn’t give you an unfair advantage in gameplay) no cheats.
*However many total kids you adopt in one age group, you must adopt the same in the others. (i.e. if you adopt a total four babies, you must also adopt four toddlers, and four children too)
*You can either have a single sim or a couple (straight or gay). However they may not have ANY children of their own. You can’t, that’s why you’re adopting remember??
*Your “foster parent” Sim cannot have a regular job. They may have a part-time job only, or garden/paint/collect for money. HOWEVER if you have two sims, one may have a regular job. But the other may not.
*Have fun!!!

Getting Started
*You must start your character(s) in Young Adulthood with Family-Oriented as one of their traits. You can choose the others.
*You CANNOT move into a pre-made house. You can move into any sized lot that you would like and build your house however you want.
*Get a job (following the rule above!) of your choice.
*Adopt your first kid(s)!!!

Challenge Ends if…
*Any kid is taken by social worker
*Use of any cheat
*Any kid dies
*Foster Parent(s) dies.

+2 for each child raised to YA successfully
+3 for each toddler raised to YA successfully
+4 for each baby raised to YA successfully
+1 for each A earned
(can only earn once per sim per age group
i.e. Katie in elementary(point) and high school(point)
+1 for each Best Friend/BFF outside the family
+0.5 for each Best Friend/BFF inside the family
(cannot be used vice-versa i.e. Amy & George and George & Amy)
+1 for each boyfriend/girlfriend
+0.4 for each trait you are allowed to choose
+0.5 for each toddler skill taught
+1 for each skill a kid earns
+1 for every $7000 earned

Let me know if you have questions!!
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Has something changed? Can you adopt teenagers now?
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Originally Posted by lytefoot
Has something changed? Can you adopt teenagers now?

Oh I'm sorry! You can't! I just got caught up in the points scoring. Sorry for the confusion!
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Originally Posted by lytefoot
Has something changed? Can you adopt teenagers now?

I don't think adopting teenagers is even possible. Especially because they can't be taken away by social workers.
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I'm going to try this challange out, I might post pictures, If I have extra time.
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Originally Posted by lytefoot
Has something changed? Can you adopt teenagers now?

it would be pointless for them to be in care as they can cook and such.
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it says this hasnt Had a reply for 40 months O_O, how much is 40 MONTHS!
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Originally Posted by ShannonSimmerYummyCookies
it says this hasnt Had a reply for 40 months O_O, how much is 40 MONTHS!

Ummm, let me calculate. 48 months is 4 years, so 40 months is 3 years and 4 months, I think. You're welcome :D

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I actually LOVE this challenge! I've wanted to make up a challenge like this before, but I see I'm to late. Lucky! Ah, well, no hard feelings lol Good luck and keep posting!!
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woah 3 years! oh and thx
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This sounds interesting I think i'll give it a shot!
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Can I get a jobin writing in this challenge
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I have 2 games like this, one with a single mum and another with a lesbian couple with unique hair and eye color, the first tot they adopted had pink eyes, and pinkish hair, I got so lucky with her.
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I have decided this is one of my favorite challenges, besides Perfect Genetics & Do It As You Go, because I absolutely love the families I have from those two challenges.
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Wow! I would definitely do this challenge! My sim has a MASSIVE family tree, and only 4 of the sims on there are actually adopted, so it'd be nice to have a completely adopted family. The only thing i'm concerned about is the population.

There was a stage in the family tree where my female sim ( Gigi Barrow ), had 12 kids. They weren't all 100% biological, with some being Gigi's siblings ( because of incest, which i'd rather not speak of lol. It wasn't intentional, promise! ). The population was full of relatives. I think like over half of the residents in the town were family members, and incest is disgusting so I didn't want to partake in that -again- lmao.

Anyway! I downloaded a mod, which I can't remember the name of, but i'll try post it here if I do find it, to help stop the population and let's just say it worked like a charm. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CHALLENGE THOUGH! And I will definitely be doing it in the next generation of the family tree.

My family tree contains about 29 generations. I'm so sad wtf.
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