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My first CAW project - Lulukoko from Trio of Towns!
Hi there everyone, I know I have not been active here in forever, haha. I recently got the idea to make all 3 towns from the 3DS game Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns in Sims 3. I am starting with Lulukoko, the tropical town.

I have a working world that runs fine in-game. But there are some things I need to work on, for example, some of the edges of lots are uneven. This was my absolute first time using CAW so I would really appreciate feedback on what I can do to make it the best I can. I've gotten to a point where I'm comfortable sharing a beta version of this world, but I know things could be better. I will definitely be uploading a completed, polished one at some point!

I attached a rar file of the world, please let me know if it has any issues installing/working. This thread will be updated as my progress goes.
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Description: Lulukoko WIP
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Looks nice, maybe you could add some daylight pictures? Not everybody will have time/opportunity to test your world, you will get more feedback if you show more pictures. Also please give some information about world size, use of cc/store content, required EP/SP...
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It looks nice. About the lots, did you conform them? Sometimes I have to do that quite a few times for lots. I will download as I really like looking at worlds.
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I am back. I think there is potential here. I like how you did some of the vegetation and I like your descriptions. IMO the most work needed is on the sidewalks. There are a lot of issues with them such as color variations, overlaps (?), not connected, etc. Also IMO I would pick a lighter color especially in view of your road texture.

The edges of the world that are straight edges will look better if not straight lines. I am not sure what is going on at Rose Haven with the granite at the back. I could not erase and it does not match the hillside. It has edges that match the lot edges.

This is a good start. I look forward to seeing more.
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