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Default TS4 Support Dogs
I decided to create this after seeing this challenge made for The Sims 3. This is heavily inspired by that challenge. When I say heavily, I mean heavily. This challenge requires Cats & Dogs.

I don't have a backstory because that's up to you, but I do want to tell you a few things. When I say support dogs, I mean service dogs and/or emotional support dogs. Also, this challenge is a serious topic, but it is a challenge for a video game. Have fun with it and you don't have to follow every single rule. Just be aware that service and emotional support dogs are real and have a real purpose.

-Buy and build on an empty lot. You can cheat up to 25,000 simoleons in for building.
-Sim must be a young adult (male or female). If you want to start off easier, you can create a dog in CAS.
-You can have a personal dog if you'd like.
-When building, make sure you have an appropriate living space for the dogs with the necessary essentials. Food bowls, beds, toys, etc. We are not here to neglect and/or abuse our animals.
-Make sure you have backyard space or a space in your house to train your dogs appropriately.
-You have 2 sim weeks to train each dog.
-Do not overcrowd your home with a million dogs, it will be overwhelming. You should take it slow because there's a lot of things to teach each dog and it is time consuming.
-Teach your dog at least 5 different tricks. (Sit, Lay Down, Speak, etc.) It doesn't have to be a specific set of skills, it just has to be 5.
-Since you can't sell adult dogs, you should put them up for adoption and cheat money in. I recommend 500-1500 simoleons. In real life, service dogs are a lot more expensive.
-Your sim may not have a job or run a business. The only exception is running a vet clinic.

How To Win
-Train and sell 15 dogs before your sim dies.
-Have a minimum of one child while doing the challenge.

How To Lose
-Sim dies before training 15 dogs. (That's honestly it.)

Have any questions, concerns, or comments? Write them down below. I answer anyone and everyone (unless you are being mean/rude).

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No one wants pain,
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