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Default 101 Himalayans
CAS: In Create-A-Sim, you may create a Male or Female sim. Its up to you what your sim looks like. The trait for your sim should be Cat Person and Green Thumb. You may choose 2 traits. The final trait must be randomized (you may re-roll up to 2 times. However be careful as you must use whatever you rolled and can't use what was previously rolled.) Lifetime Wish must be The Cat Herder. (Any offspring they might have must choose whatever the game suggests and you can only decline it twice for each sim)

Now create a cat in CAP. Your Himalayan can be male or female that is your choice. You may either randomize traits up to three times but must use whatever traits were rolled in the final roll, or my choice would be lazy, playful and friendly. This cat cannot be given the hunter trait, it must be taught.
In regards to the felines looks here's some information to help you determine possible Himalayan coloring - &

For an extra bit of challenge - breed out the Brachycephalic snout. -
You may also if you so choose to open up CAS a second time for a secondary household with a potential love interest or at least a partner in your Cattery endeavors who has a single Himalayan them self who is of the opposing physical gender to your feline. This cat cannot be given the hunter trait, it must be taught.

Your ailing grandmother left you a Himalayan kitten whom you raised to adulthood. She also left you some land (64x64), but no house only a tiny bathroom with a sink and toilet. You, however, were given a free chair, microwave, phone, bed, one light, 2 fruit bearing trees and a packet of 2 common seeds and 1 uncommon seed.

Because there was a total clean up of felines and canines during your mother's infancy where 98% of all cats and 86% of all dogs were spayed/neutered as well as 100% of the feral population of cats and dogs these pets are currently quite rare and some breeds nearly extinct if not actually extinct. This means that once you've gained 2 friends in the political careers you can begin breeding your beloved last gift from your grandmother.

1. You may not get a full or part-time job. You must find a way to make simoleons from home. You may if you so decide use a Homemaker mod. If you do use any mods you must Homeschool any offspring your sim has.

2. You need your sim to befriend 2 sims within political careers (1 police officer will also count in this regard)

3. With one of your sim/sims when one/all of your kittens from a litter ages up into an adult you MUST teach them to hunt.

4. For Every Breeding Queen, you need to roll a six-sided die to determine how many litters they can have in their lifetime.

5. For each kitten born you need to roll to determine if they can ever have kittens. If you roll a 1 they are sterile. If you roll a 6 they are not breeding quality so should not be a part of our breeding program.

6. Here is how one can fail.
I. You do not have a blood-related sim who can carry on the family business.
II. You don't have one of your cats' kittens to carry on the challenge if you have not reached the 101 Himalayan goal with the previous generations.
III. You fail if you do not have a score of at least 505
IV. Using an Attitude Adjustment, Bottomless Pet Bowl, Steel Bladder, or Using a Young Again Potion on any sim or pet more than once in their lifetime.

7. You must rehome the Himalayans to Townies, or what you can read further in scoring.

- 5 for each time a pet goes into the red
-10 for each Skittish Trait
-20 for each Destructive Trat
-30 for each Piggy Trait
-40 for each Aggressive Trait
-50 for each Clueless Trait
-100 for each kitten sold without learning the Hunter Trait.
-3 for each pet that dies from something other than old age.
-2 for each runaway pet

+5 for each kitten born (+2 bonus for largest litter possible in-game)
+10 for each Playful Trait
+20 for each Non-Destructive Trait
+30 for each Neat Trait
+40 for each Friendly Trait
+50 for each Genius Trait
+100 to each Himalayan rehomed to a different simmer. +3 bonus if youtube simmer uses them in a video.
+2 for each Himalayan your main sim becomes best friends with before selling them.

You can use a money cheat whenever you're selling a feline.
$400 simoleons is the base price of a pet quality kitten.
$800 simoleons is the base price of a show quality kitten.
+$50 simoleons for each desirable trait as seen above in the scoring.
-$50 simoleons for each undesirable trait as seen above in the scoring.
+$150 simoleons if Himalayan has the Hunter Trait at a sale.
+$1200 simoleons if you're giving the new owner the cats breeding rights, but pet quality cats do will not be sold with breeding rights.
+$200 for each kitten that rolled a 1 or 6 for winning a show ribbon. You may roll each day for each kitten on your lot. This is however capped off at 3 wins.
+$200 simoleons for each cat which was sold after they saw a vet at least once.
The least a Himalayan in this game will get you is $150 simoleons, the most $3,200 simoleons.
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