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Controlling All SIMS
When I was playing Sims2 the MOD that I just couldn't live without was the Control All SIMS which gives you the ability to click on visiting Sims and chose the option to control them. once you had control they were under your power to do as you commanded. They never left the lot until you released the control, but the best part was it removed all that long, dragged out dating and impressing and gave the ability to move a romance along quickly, and you had more power over choosing who you wanted to hook up and be together. i have searched until I'm blue in the face and either none has been created for SIMS4 or I'm just not finding it. I really wish someone would create this MOD for SIMS4. I hate having hopes for two Sims to meet who only run in to ech other once in a blue moon and never get that opportunity to become seriously involved.
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