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Default Making Custom Food -- Clippping Issues When Eating
Alrighty, so I'm trying to make an item sims can eat, based off the World Adventures dried food morsel.

I tried following the directions Arsil put up here:

Now, let's say you want an object that creates a morsel.

It doesn't matter what "food maker" you use, I want to make a real example to show how to add an NGMP resource for an existing CC food (not a recipe!).
There are many of those, ATS3 has loads of them, so let's use one of her items again for this example:
I'll use the very first item on that page: the croissant.

Note: I only use .package files, but you only need to convert the CC to know the InstanceID
of the OBJD resource (you can also get it in game using NRaas DebugEnabler).

So, I convert the Sims3pack to package (with Lepid Llama unpacker) and open it with S3PE.
I copy to the clipboard (or in a temp text document) the InstanceID of the OBJD (0x0B9579...)

Now let's use S3PE to calculate the fnv64 hashing of the unique string we'll use as "name" of the object.
A good example for a name is ATS3_edible_croissant, so we use S3PE's Tools -> FNV Hash...,
we put ATS3_edible_croissant as "text to hash" and click on "calculate" then we copy to the clipboard
(or in a temp text document) the code (0x7441...).

Now, in the same package of the object or in a new one made for this purpose (especially if you
want to keep the CC in Sims3pack format), you can add a new NGMP resource. With S3PE you:
- click on the "Resource" voice in the menu and then choose "Add..."
- set NGMP as type (click "N" to avoid scrolling) and 0 as group
- put a unique name for the resource (e.g. ATS3_croissant_NGMP)
- tick the "Use resource name" and click the "FNV64" button
- click the "OK" button
- Now select the newly created resource and then click the "Grid" button (on the bottom of S3PE interface)
- select the "Data" row and then click on "..." on the right
- click on the "Add" button on the bottom
- in the NameHash field put the fnv64 hashing of the unique string we calculated earlier (0x744...)
- in the Instance field paste the InstanceID of the OBJD that we copied earlier (0x0B9579...)
- click on the OK button and then on the Commit button
- save the package

Now, in game, you can use AT3_edible_croissant as morsel name with the "Set morsels" configuring
interaction. [21th June 2016 UPDATE] The interaction will use the catalog name of the object, so make
sure that it is "pleasant to read" checking the STBL (seeing "Arsil's custom food #4" would be bad, right?).

Note: to keep it simple, this will only work for objects (OBJDs) with 0 (0x00000000) as GroupID.
On the other hand, if a creator makes a CC food using a different GroupID then I'd say it's their fault.

Note: you don't need an NGMP resource for each item, you need an entry in a NGMP,
so you can use the same resource for associating more name-InstanceId couples.

And I tried simply cloning the dried food in TSRW.

Both times, I installed my package, loaded the game, and the custom food I made was nowhere to be seen in build/buy mode.
(Yes, I have Arsil's script installed -- I've used other creators' custom foods like Sandy's cake slices and Arsil/Noir's onigiri in my gameplays before, so the mechanics are there -- MY food's clearly just busted. )

I don't know if there was a step I missed or something I overlooked, so if anyone knows how to properly go about making custom foods, I'd really appreciate the help!

(The coded version is the one I made using Arsil's coding tutorial, on a plant decor item. The WA-EP version is the one I cloned in TSRW from the dried food.)
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Hello ^^
You need to change the objk script in order for it to function as a morsel.
For example Sandy's croissant's(and most morsels i know) use this one : Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.FoodObjects.DriedFoodHigh (just click edit objk and paste this on the script string) Unless they are beverages.
Checking with S3PE only , you have left the original script object for the first one.
And for the second idk what script you used...Never seen it before. o.O
Arsil's tutorial is for an existing custom food and how to make it usable for the generic food maker ( I want to make a real example to show how to add an NGMP resource for an existing CC food )
Meaning that the object it describes in his tutorial already has the morsel script..(In Arsil's case the example he/she is using is the croissant by Sandy that already has the dried food script by default, thats why he/she skips that step)
I hope that's it at least.. >.>
Btw if you want your morsel to function correctly you should check on the object type flags : Live dragging enabled. or else sims wont be able to pick it up :3
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Edit 2
So i took the liberty of looking through your packages better..and i realized that the acorn package doesn't show up in your catalog is because probably you hashed the NGMP entry wrong..
Therefore i tried hashing it again and it showed up in my catalog , problem was this time wasn't recognizing the new dried food script and was giving me and object core failure..
I dont why and i dont want to find out why soooo i cloned it again from scratch and hashed it again and it worked. ^^
Here you go :
It has two files :
The first is a plain simple edible acorn (Murfeel_edible_acorn)
The second one (Murfeel_edible_acorn_Arsil) is an edible acorn that is recognized by Arsil's food generic maker and you have to use the code Murfeel_edible_acorn to set the morsel recipe.
You can have both if you wish they are basically two different cloned acorns.
Keep in mind that that both versions say ''acorn as decor v2'' when you try to pick it up or try to make it , that's because you set the catalog description like that and i didn't want to change it..
If you wish it to say ''Make acorn'' or ''Pick acorn'' simple edit the SBTL to say whatever you want. eg : magical-secret-acorn with rainbow sprinkles
As for your second package it doesn't show up because you cloned from dried food and by default dried food is hidden in catalog.
You can change it with S3PE (Common block/BuildbuyProduction and set Show in Catalogue to ''true'')
But i would recommend you to just clone it again from a plant decor because when cloning scripted stuff that are not Furniture/Build/Decor objects , TSWR has issues and is way easier to change the script manually.
A piece of advice is to first make sure it works as morsel with the script ( Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.FoodObjects.DriedFoodHigh) and then try to hash it on a backup package for Arsil's mod.
Have a nice day ^^
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OMG Thank you so much!!!
Yeah, I had no idea what I was doing -- I thought the custom foods needed the Generic Food Maker mod to work.

I'm going to try something fresh from scratch, use the script and see if I'm understanding what's what.
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No problem!! ^^
Arsil's tutorial is how to make already scripted object's to utilized with the generic food maker.
Here is a better tutorial for what you are trying to accomplish with pictures :
You can use the code i wrote you above ( Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.FoodObjects.DriedFoodHigh ) or nonas scripts.
If you use Nona's scripts you have to download them and in order to function to other people's game they also need to have them but with the other script class it only requires adventures.
Note that this only works with custom dried food if you wanted to change the script class for other objects that use FTTP's and have animations its another process.(its more like there are extra steps)
Hope i helped, have a nice day!
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I used the script you gave me, cloned a decor plant, plopped the code in, loaded it in-game, and BAM!
The meshes were too big, so I have to scale everything down a bit, but other than that, hooray! I know how to make custom food now!
Thank you sooooooo much for all your help, Sirrena!
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Yay!! ^^
I am so glad you made it , congratulations!!
I am Pika-chip form tumblr btw!
Welcome to the scripted objects side..
It hides many potentials!Cant wait to see your work as always!
If you wish to make them for generic food maker i can hash them for you.
But besides that my job is done!
Have an awesome day and feel free to message me anytime.
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Originally Posted by sirrena
I am Pika-chip form tumblr btw!

Omg I love your blog; I thought you had gone inactive -- thanks again for that amazing set of goodies you gave me!

One thing I'm struggling with still is finding the right angle for the meshes, so they don't clip into the sims' hands while eating. I'm getting there, though! :p
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Ohh it looks amazing *_*
Cant wait to see it in game!!
Try replacing the RSLT of your package with a RSLT of an object that has the same position you want.(does not work always though T_T)
Export the RSLT you want and click on the package you are working on with S3PE find the RSLT left click replace and browse wherever you exported the other one.
Its also a hit or miss method but sometimes it helps.
If you want test it out , try this one in a backup. ^^
Maybe it will work, maybe not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But you'll figure it out i have no worries about it!
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It's official -- I'm at my wit's end with the clipping issue. :P
I tried using a few of Sandy's RSLTs , but I'm not seeing a difference using any of them.
I tried moving the mesh around in Milkshape, rather than just neatly in the center of the grid, but that made matters worse.

I wonder if it's something going on with the Joints maybe?
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