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I'm basically setting up what I call a "Sims 3 Fishbowl", which just has The Sims 3 running on its own for long periods of time. I want my sims to be able to do as much as they can without any interactions or interruptions. Is there something that let's me unlock/tune automated interactions? And have the Sims make major decisions on their own (Jobs/Marriage/Relationships/etc)?
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Probably Story Progression Mod with included modules -
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This may exist, but I don't know of any way to prevent the actively controlled household sims from encountering decision points where the player has to decide one choice or another and the game pauses until such a choice is made. Career chance cards are relatively infrequent though they do happen, more often the sims answer their phones and are presented with some choices by the caller or the game itself presents some. Do ya wanna go on a date with me or not, do the kids get permission to go on a field trip or visit a friend's house after school, etc.

Although the world around them should progress (or not) on its own, the player-controlled sims are meant to be interfered with and guided. It's the nature of the game, to some extent.

Even without those, if I were to walk away from my own actively controlled sims for a few realtime hours I really wouldn't expect them to still be alive when I return. Not so much from starving to death from simply forgetting or not bothering to eat or making really poor life choices, but more so things like not knowing enough to run away from an approaching meteor or that continuing to invent or repair something while singed and standing in a puddle is not a really good idea. Or possibly getting stuck in some impossible, unroutable position until their needs decay to the point of being life-threatening.
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I’m not sure, because I’m just coming back after not playing for several years, but I think turning off all opportunities and having autobill pay would help a lot. I can’t remember anything else that stops the game for user input (except naming newborn babies)

Another option: one you might really like. Twallan created Story Progression when the creator of “Indystone Mod”. His story progression is very similar to it in many ways, but there are features he took out. One of them was “wolfrun”mode. I think you’d like this, and I bet it wouldn’t be hard to recreate it with the Nrass suite as it is today.

Here’s how it goes. You create a family that’s nothing but a single sim. You give him maxmotives and set his bills to autopay (or give him the no bills thing.. whatever) you completely disable autonomy.

You then put him on a 1x1 lot far away from your game. Give him a tiny house and set him to watch TV. Not for his sake, but so you never seehim standing in his yard like a statue doing nothing for eternity.

Leave him alone, and then just use house opener to find the family you want to observe. You can go all over town, spying on the sims in your town, without ever having to switch control.

Add some creepiness, make your wolfrun sim your simself, and have them playing on an unbreakable computer instead of watching TV. OooOooOooo.

This may be an out of date idea. There may be no need to have a wolfrun sim to run a feral run game. But I think it would be less of a hassle to have a dedicated non-playing character.
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I think there's an option in the game's settings that allows you to suppress opportunities. That along with Story Progression as mentioned, should allow those simmies to fend for themselves for awhile.
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After re-reading your message, I thought of more helpful stuff. You could use the Nrass Retuner to tweak sims autonomy to do/not do certain things. It might take you a while to get used to it, but you’ll learn.

Watch your family for a while without directing them to act. When you see their motives tank and they aren’t doing anything to fix it, figure out why. If they won’t eat because they are obsessed with playing with some object, that object likely has a high fun rating. You can click on it and adjust the rating. It will be less fun for them and they won’t do it anymore.

Many modderemodders (tfm from naughty sims asylum) will add a very tiny fun rating to an action or object to “trick” a sim into doing something they normally ignore. If you want to make your sims more self reliant, you can use Retuner to make more items autonomous. You can give or adjust a fun rating to make yours sims more likely to do stuff.

Even better, the tuner has different levels of settings. you can make something global for all sims, just the single sim you are clicking, and everything in between. I think you might even be able to make one single sim allowed to use one specific object autonomously.

I can go on about how awesome this is, but Retuner basically gives you the power to make your own custom mods right there in the game. You could give every sim in a household a special personal tuning so they have one or two unique quirks that no other sim in your town has.
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Thanks, I'll tinker with this. I'm not too concerned about how the sims will survive. Just mostly want them to be doing things on their own without restrictions. I'll look at these links and see what I can put together. I wish I could run with opportunities and have them always say Yes or pick one at random, but I suppose that's asking for a lot. Thanks again.
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