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Default The Sims 4 - Rags to Riches: Random Edition!
I am sure many Simmers have heard of the Rags to Riches challenge. I present to you: a twist! I almost always choose the same exact things to earn my household a substantial amount of money, but what if I do not give myself a choice to choose? So… what exactly is the twist?

I have come up with a list of ways to earn money from all expansion packs. This includes: Careers, hobbies, collections, and perhaps more. From this list, you must use a random number generator or a couple of dice to randomly decide your fate. Everything from how you must earn your money to winning conditions is completely randomized! How will your game play out? Let’s find out.

Winning Conditions

You can either follow the guidelines in the Rags to Riches mega-thread, or if you wish to completely randomize your gameplay, you may roll one of the various winning conditions below.
  1. $1 million in the household funds; $500 thousand lot worth; Complete your main Sim’s aspiration.
  2. $1 million in the household funds; $1 million lot worth; Complete your main Sim’s aspiration.
  3. $1.5 million in the household funds; $500 thousand lot worth; Complete your main Sim’s aspiration.
  4. $1 million in the household funds; $500 thousand lot worth; Complete 5 total aspirations.
  5. $1 million in the household funds; $500 thousand lot worth; Complete 5 total aspirations; marry and have 5 total children who all complete their original childhood aspiration.

If you have any additional winning conditions ideas, feel free to recommend some!

How do I start?

You must create a new household with only one Sim in it. It is recommended that they are young adult for easiest gameplay, but ultimately is your choice. This is the only household you are allowed to play with in this save file.

Move your Sim into a lot of your choice. (Additionally, if you would prefer to stay with the random theme, you can randomly generate all of your Sims details in the game!)

Earn money!

The Limitations

Your Sim and their household may only earn money from what is randomly decided for them.

Cheats and mods that give players an unfair advantage over those who do not use them are not permitted. Custom-content however is allowed for aesthetic reasons.

The Rolls

Firstly, you must roll exactly how many different hobbies or careers your Sim may pick up in their lifetime. Using a random number generator, roll between 1-3. Whatever rolled is how many rolls you do on the next roll.

Now you roll for whether you get to have a conventional career or unconventional career. Rolling 1-10, odd is convention, and even is unconventional. For example, in the first roll I rolled a two, which means I have two rolls here. My first roll is odd, and my second one is even. This means my Sim can have a conventional career as well as a side hobby to make money.

Last but not least, you must roll exactly what your conventional/unconventional method of making money is. If you do not have the DLC for what you’ve rolled, you may reroll. Other than that, there is absolutely no re-rolling allowed.

Unconventional Careers
  1. Painting
  2. Music
  3. Comedy
  4. Writing
  5. Gardening
  6. Programming
  7. Fishing
  8. Video Games
  9. Kleptomaniac (selling what you steal; requires giving Sim the trait)
  10. Collecting
  11. Woodworking
  12. Photography
  13. Astro-Enthusiast (using the telescope and the rocket ship)
  14. Black Widow (marrying rich Sims for their fortune)
  15. Mooching (using the Charisma skill you can ask for loans)
  16. Herbalist (Outdoor Retreat)
  17. Owning a store (Get to Work)
  18. Owning a bakery (Get to Work)
  19. Flower Arranging (Seasons)
  20. Honey Farming (Seasons)
  21. Owning a vet clinic (Cats and Dogs)
  22. Pet breeder (Cats and Dogs)
  23. Media Production (Get Famous)
  24. Scuba Diving (Island Living)

Conventional Careers
  1. Astronaut
  2. Culinary
  3. Business
  4. Criminal
  5. Painter
  6. Secret Agent
  7. Athlete
  8. Entertainer
  9. Tech Guru
  10. Writer
  11. Style Influencer
  12. Detective (Get to Work)
  13. Doctor (Get to Work)
  14. Scientist (Get to Work)
  15. Politician (City Living)
  16. Critic (City Living)
  17. Social Media (City Living)
  18. Gardener (Seasons)
  19. Actor (Get Famous)
  20. Military (StrangerVille)
  21. Conversationalist (Island Living)
  22. Law (Discover University)
  23. Engineer (Discover University)
  24. Education (Discover University)
  25. Babysitter (Part-time)
  26. Retail Employee (Part-time)
  27. Fast Food Employee (Part-time)
  28. Barista (Part-time)
  29. Manual laborer (Part-time)
  30. Diver (Part-time;Island Living)
  31. Fisherman (Part-time;Island Living)
  32. Lifeguard (Part-time;Island Living)

If you have an idea for an unconventional job/hobby, please let me know!
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Has anybody given this challenge a shot yet?
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Giving this a shot now! Assuming I've figured this out right my winning condition is:
$1 million in the household funds; $500 thousand lot worth; Complete 5 total aspirations.

And my hobbies/careers to make money can be (I only have get to work expansion):
1 - Unconventional - Programming
2 - Unconventional - Own a store
3 - Conventional - Astronaut

How does it work in terms of starting out? Do i get to buy a house or start with the regular Rags to Riches rules and have to sleep on benches etc?
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