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Default The CaveSims Challenge
The CaveSims Legacy Challenge

The basis of this challenge is to create a legacy of early hunter-gatherers from the paleolithic era, i.e. cavemen/cavepeople… — now CaveSims! The goal is to reach 5000 points in less than 5 generations, all on one single lot, all while living by the CaveSim lifestyle rules.

Required Expansion Pack: Seasons
Highly Suggested Expansion Pack: FreeTime

STEP 1: Create a family with a male and a female (so that they can procreate in CaveSim times). This is your founder couple who will begin your legacy!

STEP 2: Choose a lot for your family. It can be any size. Create on your lot:
a) A cave
b) A pond (big enough to go fishing in)
c) optional: Gardening soil and orchard trees (no greenhouses or other modern gardening technology)
d) As much nature as you wish!

Give your cave walls and covering. You can make it as big or as small as you want to. Since it’s a cave, no specific shape is necessary. Give it as many sharp edges, twists, turns, and tunnels that you want!
Use a wallpaper for the inside and out that looks like rock to you, and make the roof as cave-like as you wish. Don’t use any flooring inside the cave—instead use the terrain tool to give the cave a dirt floor. Use archways instead of doors to represent the “open entrances” to your cave.

STEP 3: Play your family legacy-style – have as many children as you would like. (This is your 1st generation). Choose one child to continue the legacy. When they are an adult, create in CAS a new Sim for them to mate with, and move that Sim into your lot. (Once that couple starts having children, you have begun the 2nd generation.) YOU MUST PLAY FOLLOWING THE CAVESIM RULES. And you must stay on the same lot. If you need more room for more children, move out Sims of previous generations to a different lot.

Rules first, then I’ll give you the scoring system.

Rule 1-FOOD
The only things your Sims are allowed to eat are fish they catch from the pond, plants they harvest themselves and convert into juice with The Main Squeezer 235X, and baby bottles. Only the mother may feed the babies, as the baby bottles will represent breastfeeding.

Place toilets/potties OUTSIDE around your lot, by the pond or by trees, etc. Put showers, tubs, and sinks around the pond, as if your Sims are taking a dip or splashing water on themselves to get clean.
DO NOT PLACE ANY PLUMBING INSIDE THE CAVE. Your CaveSims definitely wouldn’t want to dirty up their cave, since that’s their living quarters where they’ll be sleeping and eating.

Absolutely NO ELECTRONICS, CHAIRS, TABLES, OR SOFAS of any kind. No bookshelves, no instruments, etc. The following is the list of the only allowed objects in your game:
- Refrigerators (only to be used to store fish and fish leftovers)
- Grills (again, only for fish—no hot dogs, place it outside of the cave)
- Counters (as many as you like, wherever you like, representing hard surfaces/rocks your Sims could use)
- The cheapest single and double beds (as many as you want, you can line the cave walls with them)
- Cribs (NO changing tables or high chairs)
- Toilets/tubs/showers/sinks/potties (all placed outside of the cave)
- Fireplaces
- Mirrors (representing the reflective surface of the pond)
- Wardrobes
- Easels (representing cave paintings! what else?)
- Toymaking benches/toys that your Sims have created (these are the only toys your toddlers or kids are allowed to play with)
- The outdoor trash can that comes with the lot (it’s handy to move it closer to the cave)
- Decorative items that represent things your CaveSims could find in nature

Ignore or delete the newspaper, and make sure your Sims don’t read when they’re relaxing on a bed—only daydreaming allowed!

The difficulty of this challenge does not come from trying to survive off of no money, so use as much as you want to make your lot look as lush and nature-ful as you wish—‘motherlode’ and ‘kaching’ away! If you really follow all of the rules, having more money won’t do you any good anyway.

The tricky part for me was figuring out how to keep the kids from having to go to school. Not only wasn’t there likely any organized school back then for cavemen, but you’re definitely going to need the kids around to water the plants! There’s probably a mod somewhere to keep the kids from going to school, but I just used this way:
1. If you have ‘boolProp testingcheatsenabled true’ on, you can shift-click on any Sim and then select ‘Spawn…Scenario Tester.’
2. That will pop up a little glowing yellow box next to your Sim. Have the child or teen you want to keep from going to school click on the box, and choose ‘Add me to private school.’ There’s a glitch in the game that makes this so that they’ll never have to go to school.

The ‘WooHoo’ interaction is no longer allowed. It must always be ‘Try for Baby.’


+100 Every child born while playing

+100 Every Gardening Talent Badge earned
+100 Every Fishing Talent Badge earned
+100 Every Toymaking Talent Badge earned
+20 Every cooking skill point earned
+20 Every creativity skill point earned
+20 Every body skill point earned
+20 A toddler learns to talk
+20 A toddler learns to walk
+20 A toddler gets potty trained
+20 A toddler learns a nursery rhyme

+10 Every hike taken
+500 Maximize the nature enthusiasm (only get 500 points once per Sim)
+500 Catch all the bugs and spiders that can be caught

-500 Any of your Sims dies before becoming an elder
-100 A Sim grows up badly into any life stage
-50 Your Sim starts a fire
-50 Any Sim has an accident
-50 A Sim starts reading a book while relaxing on a bed
-50 A Sim starts reading the newspaper

BONUS POINTS: When you reach 5000 points, add
+1000 if you’re on the 4th or 5th generation
+2000 if you’re on the 3rd generation
+3000 if you’re on the 2nd generation
+5000 if you’re only on the 1st generation of children born!!

I’d love to hear your suggestions, comments, questions…anything. Feel free to propose new rules, or dispute some of my rules or things I’ve assumed, based on your own research or common sense. I’d always love to discuss.

And you can absolutely take pictures and post them or just talk about your playing if anyone out there is still playing the Sims 2 and indeed tries this challenge – I’d love to see/hear about it!!!
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