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Default Really quick xml question
in "cauldron_Experiment_Autonomous"

is this part under periodic stat changes

<V t="statistic_set_max">
<U n="statistic_set_max">
<T n="advertise">False</T>
<T n="stat">222442<!--commodity_MagicVenueNPC_Autonomy--></T>

Can anyone tell me what <U n="statistic_set_max"> is being used for here?
I'm new to this so still learning (blindly stumbling) my way to understanding certain parts of code , i came across it while trying to make my household sims use the experiment on cauldron interactaction autonomously.

thnx to anyone that answers this.

For anyone interested this is the xml i currently have (ignore if you only want to answer the actual question thnx guys n gals

rather than make another topic for a short question does anyone know the maximum figure you can put for false advertising fun and other motives (for autonomy testing purposes)?
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