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Default Pet Genetics Mod Feedback Needed
Good things first, this will hopefully be the last post I make in regards to my mod! Recently, after posting the mod to the site I discovered that when breeding cats with small eyes, incredibly smushed in faces, or with off facial structures--this would be Mothball Lionheart, Babycakes Loveland, and Mozart Miller respectively as examples--the kittens come out strange-looking but okay at best and straight-up deformed at worst. Now at first, I thought, "Oh no, my mod has a bug! Okay, I need to fix this." but after some troubleshooting things started to look a bit unclear. But now I've narrowed down the issue to three options: It's the mod that's causing the issue, It's the game that already has the issue, It's my game specifically with the issue.

So now I am here asking for feedback. I would love it if people who have already downloaded the mod and seen how it affected their game come here to give feedback so I can see If the mod works like they hoped it would or if they have some grievances. If others who haven't downloaded the mod downloaded it and did the same I would appreciate it so, so much. This will help me figure out if it's the mod that needs to be fixed, if it's the game's fault, or if it's just my game specifically at fault.

The mod in question: New Pet Genetics - No More Skinny Clones

Oh c'mon. There better be a point to all this stress I'm under.
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